Welcome to Bicycle Team Building


In addition to addressing some pressing corporate issues like merging departments, downsizing, changes in management, or global expansion, a bicycle team building program can uplift the individual spirit of giving back. Bicycle team building combines professionally organized team building activities with a charitable end product. It's a WIN-WIN Option for your company! Let's make your next corporate event memorable.

What is Bicycle Team Building?

Bicycle Team Building is an educational event that will challenge your team's communication, negotiation, and creative skills using supplies or parts which are assembled or organized and donated to a local charity. It's a chance for your team to grow professionally and personally, and Bicycle Team Building has been proven to increase employee morale and boost sales. So what are you waiting for?

Bicycle Team Building events are generally 2-3 hours in duration, and are great for all groups of employees. They are often utilized during a corporate event, either as a stand alone program or a breakout course.

The programs are designed to encourage employee communication, negotiation, and creativity skills. The teams can only accomplish the goals when they work together as a team. Using laughter, excitement, and general silliness, the individuals learn the benefit of team work and how to incorporate it into their professional and personal lives.

The goal of Bicycle Team Building is to give back to the community during the course of the event. Teams must work through a variety of challenges and use their problem solving and interpersonal communication skills to gain access to parts to a bicycle. Using their negotiation skills, they acquire the tools needed to complete their bicycle. At the conclusion of the event, a quick debrief highlights the lessons learned, and the children arrive to see their bicycle for the first time. Participants are given the opportunity to meet and talk with the child that will receive their bike. By incorporating a charitable angle to your next corporate event, you are building employee morale and appreciation of the workplace, all while benefiting the community directly. Its truly a WIN-WIN for all involved!